In Need of Cannabis Products

In Need of Cannabis Products? We Got You!

Long day? In need of cannabis gummies to help you relax? Or did you just realize you were out of your favorite cannabis products and don’t have the time to get to your local dispensary?

No problem! Pelican Delivers has you covered.

We partner with the top local dispensary near me and offer fast, safe, and reliable cannabis delivery you can count on!

Discreet Cannabis Delivery Service Locally

We understand that some things you want to keep private. We got you. We will deliver your goods discreetly to your front door, just as Instacart would deliver your groceries.

Fast Delivery You Can Count On

At Pelican Delivers, we know the importance of being on time. We work hard to deliver your marijuana payment processing goods in a timely fashion so you can get the products you want when you want them. We are committed to customer service and strive to exceed expectations. We value your time and ours and will not make you wait!

Friendly and Professional Delivery Service

All our drivers are professional and friendly. You can feel safe and secure knowing your cannabis products will be delivered in a safe way.

Partnering with the Best Local Dispensaries

At Pelican Delivers, we aren’t just the average cannabis delivery company. We hand select the dispensary near me we work with to make sure we deliver the highest quality products there are. All the dispensaries we work with understand the importance of quality and make sure you get the highest quality products delivered every time.

Dedicated to Customer Service

We provide the best delivery service around. We are committed to customer service and make sure to deliver what we say. We take pride in what we do and are building a community of customers, not just one time clientele. We aim to be the best delivery service, so our customers never have to go anywhere else.

Fast. Reliable. Timely.

Cannabis delivery service you can count on!

Types of products We Deliver

If your local dispensary has it, we deliver it! It’s that simple. You click on your favorite local dispensary from our website and fill your cart with the items you want. Then you check out and that’s it! We take care of the rest. Some of the most popular items people add to their cart include:

·         Weed gummies and other edibles

·         CBD gummies

·         Cannabis flower

·         Pre-rolled joints

·         Vape products

·         Accessories such as pipes and papers

·         Cannabis drinks

These are just to name a few. Check out our site for all the items we offer!

Ready to get Started?

We make the delivery process super easy! Whether you have been working all day or taking care of the home front, we want to alleviate the stress and pressure of having to go to one more store. Don’t sacrifice your time or your desire for a cannabis product. Let us take that off your plate and bring it right to you!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly. Our customer service department is friendly and available to help answer any questions you may have. We are here to make your life easier.