What Cannabis Products Should You Have Delivered

What Cannabis Products Should You Have Delivered?

If you are new to the cannabis world and are considering ordering your cannabis products to be delivered to your door, you want to make sure you order the right products for you. But, how do you know what products you should order?

We are going to discuss smoking cannabis versus consuming edibles so you know which you should order for cannabis delivery. First, let’s talk about the different effects these two forms of consuming cannabis have on your body. As you may have heard, or experienced, eating edibles results in a very different type of high than smoking does.

A lot of people prefer edibles over smoking because they taste yummy and provide a more discreet way of consuming cannabis. Check your local dispensary near me on Pelican Delivers for more ways of consuming. Plus, a lot of people do not want to smoke something because of the smell and the additional health risk smoking comes with. Many people find compromise in vaping because this method eliminates much of the smell and taste of the smoke as well of the irritation it causes to the throat.

So, Should I Order Edibles or Cannabis Flower to Smoke?

Many people love edibles because there is such a variety of flavor options. From gummies and hard candies to chocolate bars and drinks, the tasty options are endless. Edibles are a fun way to enjoy a tasty treat and feel the effects of marijuana credit card processing as a result. The effects last longer when you consume edibles than they do when you smoke, so many people enjoy feeling the benefits longer as well.

On the flip side, however, it takes a lot longer for the effects to kick in with edibles than it does smoking. When you smoke weed, the results are pretty much immediate. Because blood flows quickly to the brain, the effects are usually felt within just a couple minutes.

When you smoke, you will feel the effects for about 4-6 hours, with the peak of the high around 2-3 hours. When you consume edibles, it can take up to two hours for the full effects to kick in. However, the effects will be felt for 6-12 hours.

How Much Should I Order?

Well, this depends on who is consuming with you and how much you want. The more appropriate question, I guess, would be… how much should I consume? If this is your first experience with cannabis, it is important to note that a little goes a long way.  You want to be careful not to consume too much, regardless of if you smoke or consume an edible.

Too much can result in a bad experience. Remember, too, that when you consume edibles, the effects can take up to two hours to fully kick in. So, even if you aren’t feeling anything an hour after taking it, do not take more! Start slow and see how your body reacts. Everyone is different and can tolerate different amounts.

So, What Type Do I Order?

There are so many different flavors of edibles and different strains of cannabis flower, so trying a variety is always beneficial. The benefits of cannabis are vast and whichever way you consume it, it can relieve pain, stress, and anxiety.

At Pelican Delivers, we partner with the best local dispensary near me to make sure we provide our customers with the best cannabis delivery service around! So, whether you order cannabis to smoke or your favorite gummy, we know you will be happy with your experience!