How to Tell High Quality Cannabis

How to Tell High Quality Cannabis

If you are getting ready to place an online order for cannabis delivery and you want to make sure you get the highest quality cannabis online, there are a few things to look out for. First, make sure you are ordering from a reputable cannabis delivery service who is partnered with the best local dispensary near me.

When you find the weed delivery service for you, select the dispensary that you love. If you are not sure what the best local dispensary near me is, read through the reviews until one sticks out to you. Once you find your match, start shopping!

Low, Mid and Top-Shelf Cannabis and the Difference

Every marijuana credit card processing dispensary has low, mid, and top-shelf cannabis for sale. When you are shopping in person, you don’t want to only base your cannabis purchase off the label. It is important to look at the flower itself to make sure it is as high quality as the store claims. One of the best ways to tell is the smell. You can ask the budtender to give to the flower a little pinch so you can get a good smell of the terpenes.

But this is impossible to do when you are ordering cannabis online. So, how do you know without the power of smell? If you’ve been to the dispensary and have shopped there for cannabis before, you should have a good idea of what to add to your cart. But, if you are new to the dispensary and the cannabis industry, here are a few tips for ordering quality buds online.

Reviews Tell a Story

The main way is to read the reviews to make sure the dispensary you are buying from has positive reviews about the quality of the flower it is selling. If there are positive reviews about other shoppers’ experiences, chances are you will experience the same.

Local dispensaries who use reputable cannabis delivery services know that customer service is their life line. They will not say something is good quality unless it is and will be committed to quality customer service as all dispensaries depend on repeat business. The online market is competitive, so if for any reason your bud seems less than what you thought, contact the dispensary directly for a solution.

Another way to make sure you get quality cannabis credit card processing delivered is to order a small amount the first time you place an order. You can test the bud and make a larger purchase after you determine if the quality matches what you want.

Get Value for Your Money

In today’s world where convenience of delivery services is crucial, we need not sacrifice value. Even though we get products like cannabis delivered right to the comfort of our front door, it does not mean we should have to suffer in the quality department. At Pelican Delivers, we partner with the best local dispensaries and make sure that everything we deliver is of the highest quality.

We take pride in our weed delivery service and are committed to quality customer care. For more information about the dispensaries we partner with and the products they sell, check out our website!